Re: What does the Bible say about Masturbation?

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Posted by Vince on August 23, 2002:
In Reply to: Re: What does the Bible say about Masturbation? posted by Jason on June 14, 2002:
>>  >>  Because if you think that masturbation is NOT a sin... you obviously do NOT know God's heart?! Would you masturbate with Jesus in the room? think about that!

>>  >>  Okay, I guess you have coffee with God every morning, which is how YOU know what He thinks. Yeah, right. You say you know what is in God's heart, better than anybody else here. I guess He calls you up every morning to tell you what judgment He wants you to pass on everybody that day. Of course. Sounds like grandiose delusions to me.

>>  Hey Guys,
>>   There is a big difference between speaking truth and bringing judgment. The truth has been given and not judgement. Can a person know God's heart? Oh my goodness, YES! First, have you fully given your whole self to God? If so than you have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit(God's spirit)to dwell in you. He has come to be our helper in knowing God. And how can we know God? We've got to be in His word, completely. But, again, this is not judgement, just truth. Test and see, taste and see, and you will find God's heart.

>>  In Him,
>>  Jason
Hi! im Vince and ive been a christian for a year, i was in the same question that many christians ask in their heads but are afraid to ask publicly, well, i once was very into many sins, but when i stopped masturbating i felt, that god is more with me, and i dont have that sense of guilt any more, test to see how you feel and what things go good when u dont masturbate n what things happen when you do, then judge and im sure that god will respond to you in some mental way for you to judge, for my judgement, i feel that i have no need any more to do such things and i dont want to be separated from god even though he forgives. You also have to realize that you clearly are committing a sin when you masturbate which is lust.

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