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Posted by maria on December 18, 2002:
In Reply to: Teenagers...Whether to Put Them On the Pill posted by Renee4 on April 30, 2002:
>>  I am concerned that my 15 year-old daughter is having sex. I've discussed with her that God made sex for marriage and anything outside marriage is sin. The last time I asked she named 4 boys she had been with and 1 of them is being brought up on rape charges becase he's 23. I am concerned whether if I put her on birth control that she may see this as a green light and proceed even further and would I be committing a sin by doing this. I don't want her future jeopardized by an unwanted pregnancy. I've heard that if I do put her on birth control, SHE ultimately would be committing the sin by and if she does have sex.

>>  What have other Christians done in a situation like this?

I feel the same way,but in my case the one I worry about is my son he is turning 15 in less than a month,I can see some trouble coming,because he is very popular in the school and the girls are always calling him,these girls are older than him and they have a "reputation",we have talked to him about all the implications that could happen if he makes wrong choices,but there is no way we can babysit him all day,I'm considering buying some condoms,but I feel like you,one side of me says that this will give him the O.K. but another side tells me that we have to be mature about it,this is part of the human nature and like God put doctors with the Wisdom and knowledge to make blood transfusion in order to stop people from dying,he is also giving the alternative of using condoms to stop other deseases or unwanted pregnacy. I don't know if I'm trying to justify on one way the terrifying thought of seeing my son with a terminal desease or jeoperdizing his future by an unwanted pregnacy. Please can someone give me some input. Thanks.

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