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Posted by SADE on February 1, 2003:
In Reply to: Re: dating on the younger side posted by sade on February 1, 2003:
>>  >>  >>  I am an 18 year old, bisexual girl and I find myself attracted to 8 and 9 boys and girls... I have even found myself checking out kids as young as 6. Sometimes I like to bring my younger brother's friends into my room and touch them. I get really aroused at the sight of a young, nude body, as well as stealing a child's innocence. Sometimes I worry that this is wrong, but I dont want to stop because this is the way God made me, and he has came to me in many dreams and he, himself, has engaged in sexual activities with young children. The bible says that we should try to be like God, so I should do as he commands and be true to myself and my sexuality. How can anyone see this as wrong?

>>  This isnt right. That chld may not tell you that they feel uncomfortable by you touching them but im sure they are. Put yourself in that childs position, would you want someone every night coming into your room and touching you in places that are not meant to be touched,or sacred to you. Another thing is Do you really think God is speaking to you and telling you that this right. I dont think so. we know that because God speaks to us and through us in his word. thats not of God. You need to face facts be real with God andask him for HELP! because you need it, God is not giving you those feeling , you are free will is choosing whats right or wrong for yourself. God doesnt choose for you unlesss you allow him too! you have to ask him to take full control of your life. HUN YOU NEED HELP! GET IT FAST!

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