Re: Masturbation is clearly not a sin. Its a gift of God for us to enjoy.

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Posted by inkaboutit on February 19, 2003:
In Reply to: Re: Masturbation is clearly not a sin. Its a gift of God for us to enjoy. posted by Pip Lee on December 15, 2002:
Pip Lee on December 15, 2002:>> Firstly, the nature of sin is one that will block our way to God, weakening the bonding between men and God. So if masturbating has caused one to be shameful and unable to stand upright in front of God, one'd better not do it.
*****Reply*****This is totally man made shame and man taught shame. God designed our nudity and sexuality. Man is taught shame over nudity and taught shame about his sexuality. Man made. In Lev 15:16-18 it is very clear that masturbation and sexual lust along with it, is not a sin. There is no need of any sin offering. Therefore masturbation is clearly not a sin under the very strict, demanding age of the Law.

If anyone who comes up with any other Bible verse taken out of context to say that masturbation or the sexual lust along with is a sin then it is a major contradiction to Lev.15:16. Most all verses they use to say masturbation is a sin is totally misunderstood and taken out of context. Sexual lust is not evil. Evil lust is evil. God designed sexual lust and say it was very good. We need to apply the love of love to our God designed sexual lust. God is the one that made sex very sexy and lusty.

We are not under this age of the law no longer. We are under the age of grace and under the law of love. Christian are under the law of love.

What sex laws were given to Adam and Eve? If these sex laws were so important then they would have been given to Adam and Eve and not waited for many many generations later. Even nudity was God's ideal. God put Adam and Eve in the garden 100% nude. God did not tell them to wear any clothes. Man in his state of rebellion against God put on clothes and hiding behind trees and bushes. We copy rebellion man of cover up and hiding behind trees thinking we can hide from God and not God's plan of total openness, truth and no cover up and show off God's beautiful design. Instead we hide and coverup God's beautiful human design in shame. We are ashamed of God's design. God is not against or ashamed of his human design, nudity.

Most sex rule in the Bible came about because of a special problem of a special time. Sex is not evil. God designed it all and said it was very good. Sexual lust, sex hormones, sex drives, sexual fantasies are all part of God design and if you remove them then God's sexual design would not even work at all.

Study these web site and see for yourself.

Major research on masturbation, the Bible, Christianity, sexuality, to clearly show that masturbation is a wonderful gift from God for us to enjoy. God designed every detail for us to enjoy.

Major contradiction-- verse used by anti-nudist people. Matt. 5:28 is totally misunderstood and taken out of context. "look at a women with lust...adultery"

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