Re: No need for birth control.

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Posted by A Human with a Brain on March 2, 2002:
In Reply to: No need for birth control. posted by Ann on November 9, 2001:
Well lets hope your virginity is voluntary and you dont find youself living a psychologically tortured life of forced celebacy which, if the standard of the average males intelligence remains at present, I hope endures well into your adult life. Maybe sex's core evolutionary purpose and fuction is of "making little babies :)" (how cute- I can just see your blond hair flipping left to right as you wrote this)) but if you want to aknowledge the psychology of human sexuality and the ways it functions in any society not stricken with such stringently repressive forms of sexual resriction - along with other denials of human nature and the physiology of sexuality - like the christian desease remaining with us then you can maybe learn to see past such antiquated and stubornly shallow christian views and hopefully in turn learn to live a healthy and happy life.

BTW they've discovered a lost page in the bible which details the adamancy of god for his children to only consume the natural fruits of the earth when they have reached middle life and it appears any consumption of peaches before the appearance of wrinkles will result in a swift and unhesitant sentance to Hell!
How long are you fools going to let this shallow excuse for a life affirming religion rule your lives and repress that which makes you human - question religion as much as possible if you truly want to understand it- blind faith is the result of fear.

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