Epigee Birth Control Guide

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The author would like to thank the following individuals for their insight and assistance into the creation of this guide:

Expert Consultants:

Jennifer El-Warari, MPH
Family Planning, Georgetown University

Mildred Jefferson, MD
Professor of Surgery, Boston University
former president and co-founder of NRLC

Sonya Faber, MA, PhD
Neuroscience, Brown University
Biochemistry, New York University

Karen L. Brauer MS, RPh
Community Pharmacist

Special Thanks:

Elizabeth Komives, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry, University of California San Diego
for technical information on birth control chemicals

Robert Terwilliger, MS
Research Associate in Biomedical Physics, UCLA
and my husband

Rev. Tom Wright
Shepherd's Gate Foursquare Church, Los Angeles
for his support, encouragement, and enthusiasm

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A comprehensive listing of referenes and endnotes is available upon request.

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