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Posted by lacey masoner on March 2, 2001:
In Reply to: Re: deprovera shot posted by lacey masoner on March 2, 2001:
>>  >>  >>  No one told me the long term effects of the depo shot not even my doctor. I only had 3 shots then my husband and I decided we would like to have a baby. Then I found out it could take 6 months to a year to even have my period again and there is nothing the doctor can do you just have to wait it out. Its very depressing. If you want to have kids or you dont I would advise anyone not to go on the deprovera shot!!!!

>>  >>  The reason I am writing is to see if anyone has had the problems I have had while taking the shot. I'm sure everyone that has took the shot has heard that one of the long term side affects can be osteoperosis (not sure about correct spelling). Well I started the shot in august of 2000 because i was on the pill but could not remember to take them every day and was afraid to end up pregnant. well anyway, in Novemeber of 2000 i was feeling of the back of my neck and found 2 hard lumps and i had been having a lot of bone aching through out my body. I am not for sure if i have oseoperosis cause i am just 18 but i never had problems out of my bones or my neck until i started taking the shot. i have been to 3 different doctors and even seen a surgen and none of them helped told me that the lumps were just swollen glads but i do not think swollen glands would cause bone aching and not only that the only glads that are in your neck are the ones on the front of your throat so i have had no help with this issue.

>>  >>  if anyone has had the problems i have then please let me know cause i really don't know if it is the shot but would like to know if someone else is going through the same thing.,

I was writing to let you know I have the exact same symptoms as you and I was on depo I just quit is August 00. I've been to the doctor so man times they tell me it's just a bacteria infection. yea right though. I'm really worried. I hve pains in my ribs.. note I'm also 18...

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