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Posted by catrina on March 12, 2001:
In Reply to: Re: deprovera shot posted by terri on March 8, 2001:
>>  >>Help, I have a tough decision to make. I already have two children and I lost one shortly after birth, my husband and I tried condoms and I took the pill for years but I just can't seem to keep up with them anymore I'm just so tired of them. I know that I am not in the right emotional state to make a permanent decision like getting my tubes tied but I need something that is effortless. I was seriously considering depo against my husbands wishes, he thinks it's too dangerous and this site is beginning to convince me too. I need to know that there are more than two people that didn't have any problems. What to do what to do!

if you do not want to get your tubes tied and you don't want anymore children then the shot might be a good thing for you, but there are side effects and personally i know that. not only can you not concieve but there are other side effects too, i have had lots of problems with my bones aching and have found several lumps on my neck and other parts of my body whicj no doctors have helped me with.

my only advice to you would be to research the shot and find out all the side effects before you make your decision!!!!!!!

>>   No one told me the long term effects of the depo shot not even my doctor. I only had 3 shots then my husband and I decided we would like to have a baby. Then I found out it could take 6 months to a year to even have my period again and there is nothing the doctor can do you just have to wait it out. Its very depressing. If you want to have kids or you dont I would advise anyone not to go on the deprovera shot!!!!

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