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Posted by Suzie on May 1, 2001:
In Reply to: weight gain by ortho tricyelen posted by dali on April 27, 2001:
I took ortho-tricyelen for three months and i gained about 10lbs.
my eating habits did not change from before i was pregnant i dont
eat breakfast all the time cause it sets on my stomache bad in the
morning. I eat a small lunch and a regular size dinner. Snack on
weekends but not realy durring the week. I had lost some weight when
i went to OB to get pills durring my 6 week follow up after having
baby. Then before i started the pills i got a throat infection and
had to go on a anitibiotic. It was not time to start taking pills yet
so i was ok. I had weighed about 10lbs less at the doctors appointment
then my last visit a few weeks earlier at OB/Gyn appointment. I was so
happy that i was losing the weight i had no problem losing the weight
after my other two children were born. Well its been 4 and a half months and im
still in maternity clothes, i didnt expect to be in size 9 or 10 like
before but i thought maybe a 15 or 16 at least. I cant even get that
size over my hips. I was getting depressed and went to a friends house
and steped on her scale and was shocked that i weighed 10 more pounds
then when i went to the doctor for my throat infection. I know i should
not quit the pill for that it should drop down im told but it was just
not that. In the words of my husband i turned into one big Witch to him
and to the kids. It was like having the feelings you have around PMS only
all the time. I could see myself that i was doing this and i tried to curb
my attitude but it didnt work i had no control over it , this depressed me
somewhat and i had read that a side affect is depression so i said forget
this and quit the pill last thursday. I feel much better now and happier.
however i have another period now that is a pain, but much better then
the other stuff. I just had mine and it stoped about 9 days ago so this
must be my body looking for the pill and confused so it started again
i guess. I just hope it dont last long. My plans for future birth
control is same as last 6 years ,condom husband dont like them much
but he said he would rather have the old me back then the new me with
the pill. It worked for 6 years till we decided to have the third child
so i hope it works again till we decide if we want another or not.


>>��I've been taking ortho-tricyelen pills for birth control for almost one month. I've gained more than one pound, how much will it gain if I keep taking the pills, will it go away?

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