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Posted by dali on May 1, 2001:
In Reply to: Re: weight gain by ortho tricyelen posted by afobes on April 30, 2001:
I'm sorry that I noticed that I made a small mistake in my previous posted message. I checked my pill again, and it's not orthotricyclen, instead, it's ortho-cyclen.And actually, I've gained 2 pounds since taken the pill 3 weeks ago. I'm on diet now and I want to see if I can lose the 2 pounds, otherwise, I'm considering switch to other pills. By the way, thanks to all for your reply.
>>��>>��>> I was on orthotryclen before I decided to conceive 4 years ago. At that time I gained 22 pounds. I went back on the same method after having my son and have gained another 15 pounds in 3 years. My experience is yes, you definently should watch your weight while on this pill. I don't want to fail to mention that I weighed 10 pounds less one week after giving birth then I did at my first 6 week prenatal visit. The 15 pounds has been a better choice then an unwanted pregnancy. I have changed my eating habits...I have to eat much less!

>>��I've been taking ortho-tricyclen pills for birth control for almost one month. I've gained more than one pound, how much will it gain if I keep taking the pills, will it go away?

>>��>>��Just ONE pound in a month? I wouldn't be worried a bit! Everyone's weight changes from day to day, week to week by a couple of pounds. Weight fluctuates by such factors as eating, water retention, etc. There is no research to prove that ortho-trycyclen causes weight gain. In fact, in the Q&A book I have by them, it says: "Most women will not gain weight. In clinical trials with ortho-tricyclen, there was little to no weight gain reported by most patients."

>>��>>��No worries!

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