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Posted by Stepphon on May 2, 2001:
In Reply to: Re: deprovera shot posted by Audrey on March 31, 2001:
>>��>>��I have a beautiful little who is now 4 years old after I took the shot once. There is hope of getting pregnant, it just take a while, it took me about a year to get pregnant. I have been taking the shot for about four years now and We have decided to get pregnant with our 3rd child. Good Luck!!
>>��>>��>>��I am wondering if anyone that has had the shot, if they have become sucessfuly pregnant after quitting the shot! I took it once and decided after reading all these that It was not for me. I had my one and only shot about 6 months ago and I am still unable to have kids I have tried for months and no luckk yet! If anyone has become pregnant after quitting the shot let me know! So I can have some kind of hope! Theresa

>>��>>��My shot was due on January 9th. I already had a monthly cyle in January. However, since then I haven't. I thought I was pregnant. I had so many of the signs that I was pregnant. Since January til today, I've had 4 pregnancy test. and they were all negative. I feel like I am even pregnant. The doctor says since my hormones are changing that all this will happen. Has this happened to you?
>>��>>Yes, I too took about two to three preg. test while on this shot. Not because I missed a period, because I never had one after the shot. But I got the nausea, the tender breast, and all that. Each one, negative. Right now they are testing my thyroid and seeing if I have diabetes, due to the symptoms I am having. I hope this can be resolved easily. I really would like to be thin again, I am only 29. Audrey

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