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Posted by my opinion on May 2, 2001:
In Reply to: Re: can i get prgnant posted by Ivy on April 29, 2001:
I think the person who wrote the "so called negative comment" is right. I am tired of my hard earned money that I pay to taxes go to supporting teens and their pregnancies! You can say that I have no idea that she will live off the government but unless her family or the guy who is invloved has money and are willing to support her and her baby and pay all medical bills and buy all food and necessities then she should not get pregnant. I think that this paticular girl at fourteen years old WHO WANTS TO BE PREGNANT needs to re-evaluate her situation. She will lose her life as a child and have to grow up and be responsible for another life. Their is no way on earth in this day and age that you can tell me that a fourteen year old girl-a child in every way- should be responsible 100% for another child! I am fed up with seeing pregnant teenage girls. Most girls I see can't take care of themselves much less another person. Yeah she already has sex which is terrible at 14 but wanting a baby and trying to get pregnant is STUPID.

>>��Whomever wrote the ranting about how wrong this girl was for having pre-marital sex, although I understand you were only trying to help, if she had wanted a lecture, she would have asked for one. Maybe this 14 year old girl IS wrong. Maybe she really SHOULDN'T be having sex. I agree that 14 is far too young, no matter how in love you are, yet at the same time, she has already made her mistake. It is way too late to preach about what she SHOULD have done. What she really needs is advice on what is happening right now, not decisions she already made.

>>��>>��>>��Can i get pregnant on my period? I had sex on the last day of my period what are my chances of being pregnant i am 14 years old? I have a cycle of about 30 days when is the best time for me to have sex and get pregnant?

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