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Posted by Christina Garnica on July 22, 2001:
In Reply to: Re: Depo-Provera class action lawsuit posted by Jamila Moody on May 22, 2001:
>>  It's been almost 7 years since I've had my daughter and I was forced to take the depo-provera shot the next morning. Since then. I have extreme irregular bleeding. Immediately after the shoot, I broke out in hives, I would be walking and my legs would give out. I've been having severe problems with bleeding since then and I have been diagnosed as having anemia, I was told I was infertile and I just recently found out I was Insulin Resistant. I have never had these type of problems and I'm curious about the Depo lawsuit also.

I have taken the depo shot off and on for about 4 years, the most recent series of shots started in 9/00. I was feeling very fatigued, headaches, tender breasts, tired so I went to the doctor in 10/00 to find out that I was pregnant. I ended up having an abortion 1 week after I tested positive and then I received another shot in 12/00, since then I have not had another shot because I felt so bad all of the time I figured that if I stop taking the shot and not take any type of birth control that I might start feeling like myself again. To date I started having a period in 6/01 and in a matter of 6 weeks I am now having a third cycle of bleeding that is heavier than I have ever experienced in my life. I have not gone to see a doctor, for lack of time. And I guess I am also scared to find out what is really going on. I don't think that my sex drive has gone anywhere but it is impossible to have a sex life when you are constantly bleeding.

My question to Jamila Moody is what does it mean to be Insulin Resistant? I also have diabetes type 2 and I am so unsure of what is making me feel the way that I do, is it the depo or is my diabetes bad again?

If anyone has experienced the long periods of heavy bleeding let me know if you have gone to the doctor and what the outcome was. I must say that after sitting here and reading all of these horror stories, I am very frightend....I have a little boy but I am hopeful that he won't have to grow up alone without siblings.

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