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Posted by Nikki on August 3, 2001:
In Reply to: Re: Diane 35 Pill posted by Aleathea on May 1, 2001:
>>��Hey I too live in Canada (although that doesn't have anything to do with this pill) I have just started taking Diane 35 for a month. My doctor prescribed it because the pills I was taking before, Tricylen, wasn't working for me. My face started to break out instead of remaining clear. So far this pill has cleared up my problem. Now to the girl that blamed the pill on her pregnancy, all pills, as Robin stated are not 100% safe, and also the fact that you could have taken some other medicine that didn't agree with this pill. That's why it's important to find out from even the pharmacist if it's safe to mix medicine with ANY pill. The paper in the Diane package does mention the 99% safety. I do believe that my body was taken in to much of something from the other pill that I was switched over to this one. But to the other girl that wrote she's taken this pill and doesn't know if it's birth control. Girl you don't take anything if you don't have an understanding of what it is you're taking. ASK A PHARMACIST OR YOUR DOCTOR!!!!


>>��>>��I also live in Canada and am about to start taking Diane 35. My doctor told me
>>��>>��it is an acne medication and is NOT being published as a birth control pill, but it IS a birth control pill. I have some mild acne and also needed to change my pill, so she suggested Diane 35 to cover both areas. She told me you
>>��>>��may have bleeding the first three months and breast tenderness, but that should be gone after the third month. If you experience bleeding after the third month, she told me to return and see her. I have yet to start taking Diane 35, so this is all I can tell you, basically what my doctor has told me. Hope it
>>��>>��helps. Also, women can get pregnant on any pill. If the pill doesn't have the
>>��>>��right amount of estrogen and progesterone, anyone is suceptable to get pregnant. If you are having continuous spotting a week before or a week after
>>��>>��your period, the hormone level is obviously off and the pill will not be to its
>>��>>��full effect. Just thought I would say this for the ones that are blaiming Diane 35 for their pregnancy. Maybe it just wasn't the right pill for your


>>��>>��>>��I live in Canada and have recently started taking Diane 35 for my acne. I've noticed a great improvement in my skin and I love it! I only have one this a birth control pill? My doctor (dermatologist) said that it was but the leaflet that came with the pills didn't say anything about it being a contraceptive. I am already the parent of a wonderful 20 month old son and my husband and I aren't ready for another yet! We have been using condoms along with the pill but do we have to keep using them every time? If any one has some factual "doctor type" information on this please e-mail me with the subject "Diane 35".

>>��>>��>>��Thanks a bunch!

Hey there,

Diane 35 is an effective oral contraceptive.
It has an indication for Acne therapy but as it states right on the info sheet inside, when taken as recommended, the product does provide reliable contraception of 99%. It is as effective for birth control comparable to any other pill.

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