=( UT-infection, Spermicide,Condoms RELATIONS???

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Posted by Anthony =( on December 1, 2000:
To anyone that can help...

Im 21 yrs old now and girlfriend is 19. My girlfriend and I have been going out for more than two years. Our first time making love without a condom was about 1 1/2 yrs ago. It was also the first time I lost my virginity. Her period was late and as a result, we got scared and worried. Although she came out negative and her period came a week later, we took precautions from now on using any condoms that has spermicide.
One day she was infected with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) after having sex the night before, and she was given antibiotics called Levaquin to help get rid of her infection. ( For those who don't know what UTI is.... its a bacterial infection that gets in the urinary tract and cause major pain and causes extreme urges to urinate and urinating comes out little and painful. Just imagine you're pissing sharp needles and blades, thats how much pain it is.) The bacteria commonly comes from the anal area, and we did try anal sex. I figured thats the reason why she got the UTI, from having anal sex. From then on we never tried it again. We avoided sex for about 2 weeks with antibiotic treatment. We took bigger precautions to make sure both of our bodies are clean by taking showers before and after sex everytime. We still continue WITH CONDOMS that contains spermicide. Ocassionally we have unprotected sex and I withdraw early, nothing happened after that although it was a risk.

Then my girlfriend somehow got the infection again after using a condom with spermicide. As devastated as I was to see her in such pain, I tried to convince her to go to the doctor, still she refused and took the antibiotics to get rid of it again. SHe knows how dangerous UTI is if the infection reaches her kidneys, because it can be fatal to her if it does reach. After trying to tell her she could die if it reaches the kidneys, she still refuses to go to the doctor. This continued to be a pattern for almost a year now after we have intercourse with a condom that has spermicide, and somehow she became infected again.

We recently started trying a condom without spermicide the next time, and to what we thought was a success, she didn't get UTI this time. We then used condoms without spermicide for the past 3-4 months out of success. Just recently, she got the infection again, but this time we were using the condom without spermicide. We are now very worried. We did have oral sex. Could she get UTI from that???? =(

Within the whole 2 years, my girlfriend probably had the infections 5 times or more. We sat down and talked it over, figuring out when the infections happen, and carefully examining what actions we've done before and after sexual intercourse. Even after showering before and after every sexual intercourse, it didn't help. From what we remember, we notice that 4 out of 5 times having sex with a condom with spermicide, she became infected. 1 out of 5 she got infected having oral sex and with a condom that has NO SPERMICIDE. Because of the fear of having UTI again, we started having more and more unprotected sex. We now have to worry about pregnancy again =(

To make matters worst,my girfriend said she was suppose to have her period on the 9th this past November. We took a pregnancy test on the 18th of Nov and it came out NEGATIVE. Its now Dec.1 and she's 21 DAYS LATE STILL. So far I can say She has been under more stress lately because of semester finals and family. The only other info i can give is that she has been taking Metabolife the past whole month. Recently she had to take Levaquin again about two weeks ago to treat another UTI. I can only guess and hope that metabolife, antibiotics, and stress are the only reasons for her delay. WE ARE VERY VERY WORRIED of pregnancy and need feedback about this. What are the chances of my girlfriend becoming pregnant???

We need serious professional information and advice right now, and its hard to find anykind of similar situations like this online. Please help us. Is there a relation between UTI and spermacide? How can we avoid her getting URINARY TRACT INFECTION again? We are worried to death that we will never be able to make love ever again =( =( =( This could dramatically affect our relationship forever.

Sincerely Worried,
Anthony =(

p.s. Given the circumstances of both my girlfriend and my lifestyle, we are unable to go to a doctor like we wanted to. Please give us advices, hopes, or suggestions that we can use within our limitations or powers to help us solve our problems.

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