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Posted by Dena Thuesen on December 5, 2000:
In Reply to: DEPROVERA AND PREGNANCY posted by GENEVA on June 30, 2000:
My name is Dena, I got the depo shot after being told I was to young to have a tubal lygation. I was 19, and had two beautiful children. My husband and I had decided we were content with two (a boy and a girl). I wanted to be put on the pill since they told me I could not get a tubal. I figured my husband would eventualy get a vasectomy and I would not have to worry about it. They kept me there for an hour arguing with me that "it" would be the best choice for me. So I finally gave in. I had to have something to keep me from having another baby. I didn't have the next period and lost my sexual desire within the first month (we were the 3 times a day type)so I decided to talk to Michael about a vasectomy and he started to think about it and he had it done two months after the shot. I don't remember how long it took for them to start, But they are still far from normal. The doctors put me on the pill to bring my periods back, but it still isn't working. I have been on the pill for 17 months, and I should have started this period 18 days ago.??? I have gained 57 lbs, and am constantly struggling with my weight. My breasts have grown from a 34B to a 38F, I asked my GYN if they will stop and she told me she doesn't know. That is not very reassuring :{ My worst thing is that I have been having cysts growing on my overies, they say I am producing 17-40 eggs a month and they are non-fertile. Some come out in my long periods which are 9 days long that stop and start again, on average, 3 days later and do this for months at a time. The others grow and grow till they burst inside. This is so painful. The first time I was told what this was, I was out shopping for my daugters 5th birthday (I got the shot when she was 6 months, we used condoms) I was doubled over and my mom was with me, she took me to the first hospital she saw and they where preping me for surgery and did an ultrasound, then they stopped and said I would not have to have surgery, but would only have a 6 inch needle stuck through my cervix and they would drain it out. They drained 56cc's of a tea color fluid. It was about as painful as child birth. They are now telling me they are going to have to give me a hysterectomy. I am 24 years old now and I am in menapause, with those lovely hot flashes and all!! They have given me vicodin for the pain. I am waiting for the date of my hysterectomy. Please don't ever take the shot!! I have spoken to so many people who have similar problems, the risk is too high and our bodies don't need to go through all this crap. There has to be somebody who is responsible for what is happening to all of us. We didn't ask to have our bodies destroyed. Please email me if you want to talk [email protected]

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