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The following quiz is designed to test your knowledge of birth control methods. Choose your answers carefully -- many of the questions are tricky! All answers can be found in the links at the bottom of this page. After submitting your answers, a checkmark will appear in the box before each incorrect answer. Good luck!

QUESTION #1: Spermicides are a good way to prevent HIV infection.

QUESTION #2: Which type of condom is most likely to break.

QUESTION #3: Which of the following methods of birth control is LEAST effective.

QUESTION #4: A diaphragm should be replaced:

QUESTION #5: Oral contraceptives work by:

QUESTION #6: In general, sexually transmitted diseases are more likely to harm:

QUESTION #7: On average, the BEST time to get pregnant is:

QUESTION #8: Among fertile couples, pregnancy will NOT occur if you:

QUESTION #9: Fertility can be impaired by:

QUESTION #10: The sympto-thermal method requires:


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  1. About Spermicides
  2. About Condoms
  3. Birth Control Comparisons
  4. Barrier Methods & Diaphragm
  5. Hormonal Methods
  6. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  7. About Reproduction
  8. The Most Effective Method of Birth Control
  9. Fertility and Infertility
  10. Natural Family Planning

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