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The Brainphysics OCD Website was started by Robert, while a graduate student in Physics in California. Robert was first diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder in 1995 and was hospitalized twice for OCD related difficulties. In the course of his illness, Robert experienced many ups and downs, before becoming unable to continue his work with this site in 2001.

This site is now being run by Monnica Williams, M.A., a graduate student in Clinical Psychology at the University of Virginia. Despite the challenge OCD and related disorders present, it is possible to overcome OCD. Through a combination of quality behavioral therapy and good medication management, obsessions and compulsions can be brought under control. It is the aim of this site to provide peer support and educate and others about this treatable disorder.

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NOTICE: Questions will be answered as time permits, and not all messages will receive a reply. Site administrators are knowledgeable but are not able to provide medical advice. Contact the OC Foundation for a list of qualified treatment professionals in your area.

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