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Posted by Flyth on January 28, 2001:
In Reply to: Need help/support right now posted by Jay on January 28, 2001:
I heard it once said that one thing is for sure in this life (besides taxes) -
that sometimes we will misunderstand people and sometimes others will misunderstand us no matter how good intentioned we try to be. There's nothing
remarkable about a situation where you and your friends disagreed about things,
I know myself I need to work on standing up more for what I believe in, but also
need to be aware of my own tendency to consider my views the right views. Anyway, again, real friends can agree to disagree and be open to eachother's views, but it is so easy to hurt and be hurt (can't we all just get along!! ha!)
Regarding obsessing, first if there's some action you feel you need to take to
resolve the situation, take it (for example, talking things over with your
friends), and/or try a method my counselor taught me (see my response to "Big pain" the other day) on fighting back the obsessive thinking. Regards, Flyth

>>  Yesterday I had it in bad with some friends over a situation took long and personal to mention in detail here. Let's just say it involved a small level of harassment by someone during the course of some volunteer work I do and I wanted to call the police if this person did it again. I feel I would be justified in doing so given the circumstances, but some friends/fellow volunteers said no way, and we got into an argument. Even though other friends backed me on the idea, I was very hurt and I obsessed on it for much of the rest of the day. In fact, I have obsessed about the harassment itself, which is not serious enough to warrant it. If I did call the police on the person, the situation is only serious enough that they might tell them to lay off.

>>  This is just the latest symptom of a long-standing problem. I don't really suffer from anxiety anymore, but I still obsess. I've come across on this website often as a strong-willed, strong-headed person who has it together, but there are times like today and yesterday when I don't. I found myself in the middle of the night last night so filled with anger and hurt that for a few moments I punched my pillow and screamed into it. I have a very hard time taking attacks from people, particularly when they come from so-called friends.

>>  I don't take meds, so please nobody advise me on that. My days with meds are over and they never helped me. I know many techniques on how to get obsessions under control, so it will be hard to say anything I haven't already heard. Maybe I just need words of encouragement right now to plug on. Right now I so much want just to let go of obsessing all through the day, to have my way of thinking return to how it was before this (OCD) began.

>>  God bless you all.

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