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Posted by Kix on March 6, 2001:
In Reply to: Re: TO KIX: PLEASE READ : To Leslie posted by Leslie on March 6, 2001:
>>  Hi Kix! If you want, I can send you that site that you are unable to get into. Let me know :) The reason why I am unable to post new messages is because I have webtv and the Instant Messenger so-called "upgrade" has messed everything up. I get the "This page is too big to be shown completely" message alot. Have you done many searches on zoloft and epilepsy on the net?

Hi Leslie:

Sure! I'd appreciate that!. Besides, that epilepsy site is huge and could take ages to find that location.
I've never done a vast search on zoloft and epilepsy together, simply for the fact, I've never run into major problems with it, as opposed to say Valproic Acid (anti-convulsant), etc.

My research was more singly-based on either OCD or epilepsy.
I'd usually reference a medical text and if the interaction was ok, that would usually put my mind to rest. Mind you with Valproic Acid, that epilepsy drug I researched alot, as that's what started me logging for epilepsy symptoms.
That was by far the most powerful drug I've ever taken. You've no need to worry as that is a drug strictly for epilepsy and grand mal seizures.
I'd love to see that site to know what it says......
You can e-mail it to me at [email protected]
Thanks again Leslie
I appreciate it :-)


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