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Posted by dani on May 16, 2001:
In Reply to: For Dani posted by John15 on May 3, 2001:
>>  hey. i have read about how you have the homosexual obsessions. i have them too. i am the same as you in wondering "What if I really don't have OCD and I am gay?" I also have always liked girls before too, but now it feels different. I have had these obsessions for about the last month and a half and I have been on medicine (Prozac) for about 3.5 weeks. Ever since the last week and a half I have been feeling a little better because of the medicine, yet I still don't feel right. Now that I have been feeling better I have a little bit of an interest in girls, but I still feel like sometimes I can't pick between guys or girls. I still always have to check to make sure I am not getting an erection when seeing a guy. Its just sometimes I feel like I halfway get one or something or another. Atleast on you, you most likely have OCD since you have had other OCD problems before. But on me, if it is OCD, it will be the first obsession I have ever had. Well, write me back because I think we can probably relate. Thanks.

Yes, we can relate.We have obviously became homosexual.I know I did, maybe because bad experiences with womens (my OCD started with my first girlfriend),but to
be honest I really don't wanna be a homosexual.
Yes, I had OCD problems before so maybe this homo thing is a part of OCD (if it is, I must say, that is very convincing-almost like my previous OCD).
So if it is a part of OCD it will probably become smaller and smaller but it will never completely dissapear. I wonder what would be my next obssesion?
God help me!

P.S. Many have said that the best battle with obsessions is no battle at all -
just leave them alone in their own lives...

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