Some advive on Gay OCD

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Posted by phoenix on January 10, 2002:
In Reply to: Re: Can anyone relate? about Gay OCD posted by John16 on November 20, 2001:
To all you guys who have homophobic ocd
i completely understand its a bitch of an illness but curable

I started orinially in 1998

i would check my thoughts comnpulsively and ruminate about my sexual identity
-i would compare myself to other guys,to see if i was more masculine
- taped my voice to see what it sounded like
- spent hours in the gym
- believed i wasm't really straight until i lost my virginity
- afraid of homosexuals
which is bullshit

Eventually this got out of hand and while studying abroad i had a Psychotic
episode for 7 days and had hullicinations and delusions that the whole
world thought I was gay and that I was trapped this way
I spent 2 months in a Psychiatric hospital when i got home

I forgot all about it

I came off my maintenance dose of dolmatil(antipsychotic, good drug)3 months later

everything was fine

then it started again

i started to suffer homophobic,sexual obsessions my male family members and strangers I encountered

back into hospital
My Psychiatrist put me on Seroxat 20mg and domatil 200mg

It stopped and I new who I was again it felt great and I was so sure of myself

2 years later i came off seroxat and suffered a reoccurrane and started prozac

I put up with the obsessions and ruminations and depression for 10 weeks and now they've stopped

I feel great again
I have been diagnosed with ocd ( pure obsessional)
But why the gay thin?
I was bullied about it in school because i didnt play sports
which is undersatndable coz guys can be bitching too, but I never felt confident with anything, sport, women, studies, all my life
, I was a worrier, and being a man and a worrier is not acceptable in society
people view you as senstive and soft or a week male

but really its because we overload homosexuality
with such fear and repugnance in society that people become petrified of it
Gay peolple can be good friends , I know 2 sound gay people

Now Im on 60mg of prozac and 2mg risperadal at night

Some tips
what causes this

low levels of serotonin which cause thought disturbances

thoughts and feelings get wrongly transmitted accross the synaptic cleft of neourons

Cog therapy and ocd workbook were helpful but it is really out of your control

and any cog therapist worth their money should send you to a Psychiatrist
Talking helps but to much therapy overloads the obsessions with emotional meaning , there is no big personal quest at work here, its the insect swalling plant that is ocd, My Psychiatrist wont let me see a counsellor

its purely chemical and corrects itself with drug therapy

some drugs work better then others

everyones brainchemistry is different

prozac works better than seroxat for me

if you could be better than what you are now FIND the right medication

e.g. Effexor may not work but prozac could

you need to give you anti- obsessional at least 6 weeks trial

good luck and mail me if you need some support


phoenix ( rising from the ashes)

P.s you'd think they would change the gay ocd website to homophobic ocd
it sounds better

ohh visit the famke jannsen site what a babe

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