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Posted by Sampson on January 12, 2002:
In Reply to: OCD-Scrup-Doubt posted by Mike on January 11, 2002:
>>  Has anyone else had thoughts over and over about doubting God? My repeating thoughts are about ways/reasons to doubt the Lord. It is terrible and tiring. Thanks for any encouragement. In my core I know He is the truth, but these thoughts are constant.
Hi there Mike,
I do indeed know what it is like doubting God. I am doing it at the moment actually but in an informed way. What I mean is I want to believe in God and that Jesus is the One He said He was, so I am searching! Since I had blaspheming thoughts a couple of years ago I felt a hunger to know the truth about who Jesus really is. But I don't feel anxiety anymore (well maybe a little bit) because I know that God understands. God understands your mind, especially the OCD part. I know how tiring it is! So does God. I believe that God is infinitely more loving than any of us can imagine. Oh by the way, I became a believer in Universalism ever since those days and I believe that the Bible confirms it as well. Take comfort in this, "We rely on the Living God Who is the Saviour of ALL mankind,especially of believers". 1 Timothy 4:10.

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