Anyone looked into chelation therapy for OCD? Or heavy metal toxicity and OCD? This is long, sorry...

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Posted by Ellie on January 19, 2002:
Just found this site and read many of your posts. Our 16 year old son just began obsessional
hand washing, a behavior that finally focused enough symptoms into a form we could
actually find a name for. Found a therapist, and the family doctor was willing to
prescribe Luvox. Son had immediate relief, first day with the drug. I read where
some others of you reported how the drugs make you feel "normal"... that's
how he put it. It's been a month now, and the 50 mg/day dose had to be increased, but
all in all, both us parents and our son feel hope.
Somehow, just at the same time (after Thanksgiving) this was all coming to the forefront,
I came across the Mar/Apr issue of Mothering magazine which had a large section titled "An
Exclusive Mothering Report on the Second International Public Conference of the National
Vaccine Information Center, by Lisa Reagan. Apparently there is a stunning link being
examined between the huge increase in childhood autism and the use of the perservative
thimerisol (which contains 49.6% MERCURY) in vaccines for children. (For example,
"in 1990 and 1991 the hepatitis B vaccine had 12.5 micrograms of mercury per dose, which
is 25 times the EPA"s 'safe' level.")
As I read the fascinating articles I was shocked when a researcher, Stephanie Cave, M.D. presented her
her views since working on a caseload of over 400 children with autism. She was
discussing the use of chelation to pull heavy metals. She said: "The age group
that seems to benefit the most is between two and seven. Between seven and 12
there is speech and social recovery, and after 12 there is an ability to reduce
the rage usually seen. Metal is rage. When you pull the metal, the rage goes."
I was struck by this idea because of the way my son seems to fear his rage. And
also reported just yesterday to the family doctor that the fluvoxamine had immediately
stopped the rage he feels. Well I've been reading everything I can get my hands on to
help and to understand. It appears that the symptoms of mercury toxicity are a perfect
template for the symptoms of autism... "social withdrawal, lack of eye contact,
lack of facial expression, hypersensitivity to noise and touch, and repetive behaviors."
Some also link heavy metal toxicity with learning difficulties, and ADD/ADHD.
My son's symptoms are pretty broad, but include nearly all of those. The first we
noticed was diagnosed as dyslexia back when he was in 4th grade.
So I am looking for as broad an approach as I can find.
We've no insurance, and don't have a lot of resources, but I am looking for some
additional part-time work to save up to try nutritional assesment and chelation
therapy. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. But it will be worth checking out
if any relief is possible in addition to the help so far with meds. No doctor nearby
doing behavioral therapy, but still looking.
I would be really interested if any of you have come across any discussion of
a connection between OCD and heavy metal toxicity. Apparently the mercury and lead
and aluminum interfere with the serotonin receptors, it seems to be worth investigating.
Sometime later hopefully I'll be reporting to you whether or not that treatment
brought any changes.
Thanks to all of you who provide so much help in these posts. I was interested in
the caffeine and inositol posts particularly.

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