Twitching and medicine

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Posted by John 16's Mom on March 18, 2002:
In Reply to: I just want to live my life in peace. posted by curtis on March 18, 2002:
Dear Curtis,

I have read that OCD and Tourette's are very similar in nature, with some overlap between the two disorders. I noticed that my son "wiggles" a lot since he was diagnosed with OCD. He has lots of restless movements of his legs, tapping his foot, drumming his fingers, etc. I wondered if the medication he was taking causes that. I asked his doctor, but he said that the medication should not be doing that. He didn't really offer any suggestions. But then I started watching other people and lots of people are twitching with nervous habits of one sort or another. It is interesting to observe. I always wonder if it's just our crazy world that we live in that causes all these problems? I wonder if the pioneer people of the 1800's had twitches, false thoughts, and gay OCD?

I noticed that you are on a low dose of Prozac. The maximum dose for OCD is usually around 80 mg/daily. "Maggie", who posts here, has been on that dosage for a good while and has success with it. My son, John, takes 40 mg/daily and that dosage is controlling his symptoms. He also takes Risperdal 0.50 mg/daily. You might want to check with your doctor about increasing your Prozac dosage if you are not getting enough relief from the OCD thoughts.

I agree that there needs to be much more research done on this disorder. It makes me frustrated that there is not much information available on how to deal with it. I'm thankful that we have the SSRI meds, or it would be so much worse. Take care.

John 16's Mom

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