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Posted by John 16' on May 8, 2002:
In Reply to: Bye to all! posted by Jay on May 8, 2002:
>>  No, not forever! I just wrote that to get your attention. I'll be going to the Ukraine in just a few days, staying there for 2 weeks. For the woman I met last year that I'll be seeing again, I hope I can steal her heart. Even if I do, I don't know how I'll get to keep it. I guess I just have to leave everything up to God.

>>  It has been a very frustrating week so far, and I hope I can put in behind me when I go on this trip. I hope nothing else goes bad, though I admit I do sometimes overreact to things. I guess that's the OCD way. Last night I accidentally put a small amount of transmission fluid in my oil tank, thinking it was oil, and not knowing anything about car engines I was left wondering if it would blow up if I drove it anywhere (it didn't and wouldn't). I got an oil change today because of it, but it was overdue anyway. Yesterday I had a big fight with my mother about some bills in which we both made mistakes in our arguments. Fortunately I've had a fairly easy sub teaching assignment over the past four weekdays (school band, which means loud music but no work), but I don't know what the rest of the week will be like. Today I am kicking myself in the behind because I have apparently lost my oldest Russian coin, an incredibly small, over 400 year old coin from Ivan the Terrible's time (don't you just hate it when that happens?). I would be even more upset if it was one I picked up on my travels, but it was given free to me by a friend. I am not a coin collector, but I am a historian and I have many coins from my foreign travels. I am totally tearing up my part of the house to look for it, but so far no luck and I am very frustrated. On the bright side, looking for the coin has been cause for me to dump some junk in my room. I'm not an OCD packrat, but I cannot believe some of the purposeless and outdated stuff I found.

>>  I also saw the movie "Spider-Man" last night, and while it was good I now have the movie scenes and songs running through my head as typical OCD.

>>  Well, off I go in a few days to the end of the earth for possible love. Ladies, ask your men why they don't do this for you! =)

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