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Posted by Matt on May 8, 2002:
In Reply to: Re: help...lesbian fears posted by stubs on May 8, 2002:
>>  Thank you for your replies. They helped...well for a short while. do you think that it is possible that someone all of a sudden become gay. i find myself wondering if there was a time if i was attracted to a female (on one occasion/day). i haven't thought about it until now...however, i can't remember what i felt at that time...(it was for like 2 min...we were friends). could this all be anxiety and depression? all thoughts welcome! peace y'all. thanx.

Hey Stubs

I've been through the same deal as well. It's amazing how large your brain can make things out to be. If you would liek to talk to someone in more detail, I would be happy to lend you an ear. My name is Matt, and my email is [email protected] It's mainly about your thought patterns, and just how much power you are giving to those thoughts. I used to scream to God when I faced my fears with children and some gay OCD, why would he let this happen to me? What purpose could this possibly serve? It's weird...God can use some of the most off the wall things (that I believe were orignally meant to harm us) for good...for those that put our trust in Him. Anyways, have a great week, God Bless


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