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Posted by Andy on May 9, 2002:
In Reply to: Re: obsessive guilt posted by BA on April 5, 2002:

I went through essentially the SAME EXACT process after making some mistakes with a girlfriend. I would think: "Must divulge just one more detail and everythig will be okay." And I would, then another guilty thought would follow on the heels of the last, and so on. After the relationship ended, I found myself obsessing similarly in other situations. It's a bit better now, but not completely. Can you tell me if you think just containing the guilt worked for you? Have you tried medication for this? I've been told it's definitely OCD. In any case, it's a relief to see that others have taken the same wild ride -- I thought mine was peculiar.

All the best.

>>  Hey,
>>  I don't know if what you have is ocd related or not. Only a doctor can tell you that for sure. What I can tell you is this; I have had ocd for most of my life. Even when it was at its best I always suffered from excessive worrying. A few years ago I cheated on a girl that I was very much in love with. I felt as though if I didn't confess it was the end of the world. I did confess it and I felt better. However, this was only temporary, it was never enough. I had the overwhelming need to confess to her every graphic detail of my encounter with the belief that doing so would finally bring me relief. Nope, it was never enough, did I tell her this, did I tell her that, I felt that I didn't want to be in the relationship with her unless she knew every little detail about what I had done. It never worked. she did keep me but I finally forced myself to stop confessing over and over all the little details. It was hard for a while but eventually the feelings of horror of what I had done faded and left me alone. Is this ocd related? I'm not sure, I think some of it was probably fueled by my ocd and some of it by the type of person that I am. In any case I hope you could get something out of this.

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