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Posted by Lynn on May 10, 2002:
In Reply to: depersonalization posted by ryan on May 9, 2002:
I have had OCD for many years, and throughout those years, my OCD changes it's ugly head often. For a while, I had this wierd fear of swallowing my tongue in my sleep. That just sucks to worry about stuff like that. I'm at the point in my life now where I am living a fairly normal life. I know I will always be taking meds, but it's better than the alternative. You will be able to live normally-with the fence and everything! I had OCD severly-and finally got out of the rathole it kept me in.
Good luck and blessings to you

>>  and ocd... how common is it. ive been reading up on this lately and i believe i have it. im not sure to what extent it is, but i believe i have it. basically sometimes ill feel "weird," or, "out of it," like i could phase out on something for a long time or perhaps my eye balls could roll to the back of my head.

>>  now, this is causing me to obsess about this type of anxiety or whatever it is. and it's bothering me. i know someone else has been bothered with depersonalization. i often worry about the gay fears, but it isnt bothering me anymore. its moved on to this. its weird how ocd works, and how another disease can incorporate its way into one already making you suffer.

>>  well i just thought id share as im obsessing about this, and how it will affect my family and i. i pray to god that i will be able to continue to live a normal life and give my son and girlfriend everything they ever need.

>>  i just wish i could be normal sometimes. like any other human being working 9-5 and living in a house with a white picket fence.

>>  i just wish i could be normal. i just wish i could be normal.

>>  :(

>>  good bye!

>>  god bless.

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