Re: Going To Hell, 2nd response

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Posted by julianne24 on May 13, 2002:
In Reply to: Re: Going To Hell, 2nd response posted by John 16's Mom on May 13, 2002:
hello ken and john's mom. I would like to thank john's mom for all that she does for this board. I know that most of us come here looking for support, and mostly reassurance, yet your words somehow always comfort us in some way. thank you so much for taking you time to help the others on this board, it really means a lot to us. Thank you so much, I guess with my struggle with hocd I havent spent as much time as I used to on my faith and my church, yet your words really gave me encouragement. I suffered with a mild form of scrupulosity when I was younger as well as various OCD spectrums before now, and sadly my relationship with God has lessened because of my constant worrying. However, after your words of encouragement, you really inspired me to mainly think of Him, and what he is doing. Everyone should be very thankful for all the blessing AND the struggles, because in the long run we will all be better people because of our ocd (Im sure some of you are thinking that means that your ocd fears will come true....DONT LET THE OCD INFLUENCE YOU THAT WAY!). finally, to john's mom, "Be Not Afraid" is probably one of my favorite church songs. Everytime I hear it i get choked up, i even know the woman who it was written for (her daughter goes to my church). Thank you again for everything that you have done for the sufferers on this board, and to ken, God Bless, and Good Luck..remember.."Its not me..Its my OCD!!!!"
God Bless

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