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Posted by ryan on May 25, 2002:
In Reply to: Re: To add to that post posted by Joe on May 25, 2002:
joe i was exactly like you. i still have intrusive thoughts, but i let them be just that, thoughts. the thing with ocd is you give a certain thought too much meaning. im doing great. i got a new job, ocd is not bothering me. im going to start medication soon. i got through this without cbt. well i did some cbt of my own. basically telling myself ill never know if ill turn gay one day. perhaps, one day i might (i wont), but if i do, ill choose to live it then. but today im a straight male whos loving the straight life.

take care and god bless. post back if you have more questions.

>>  Ryan - man i appreciate that....have you gone through the same thing? and how is your outcome coming? also i have this cause i noticed John16's mom posts alot on this site...John, How the heck did you tell your parents about this. My parents would look at me like i had eight heads if i said i think i might be gay. I mean, i got a virus on our computer like six years ago that left an imprint of a naked woman on our desktop....OCD is so hard. The fears seem so real, so real you feel like succumbing to them. anyone else feel the same way? I guess i must be Obsessive Compulsive......Im asking a thousand reassurance questions....sorry bout that...but seriously this website has helped me alot.

>>  >>  joe, i feel the same way, dont worry, you arent gay. your best bet is go to - go to the referal section and try to get a referal to a doctor in your area. also, read the ask the experts section. there are like at least 5 questions each time they update it with questions regarding the infamous HOCD.

>>  >>  joe, you arent gay. youre as straight as straight can be. you gotta learn to live with uncertainty, then you shall be free. god bless you, you arnet gay. one day youll look back on this and roll on the floor and laugh and say what the fuck was i thinking?

>>  >>  good luck on overcoming this, it can be done.

>>  >>  >>  The thing that scares me i think.....thinking about it, is the fact that I COULD enjoy getting off to other men if i wanted to.....but i dont want to. But anyone could I mean anyone can do anything. I COULD eat dogshit for a living.....but i dont want to. you see what im getting at? that is my main question about being in denial or HOCD....i think it may be the worry that i COULD enjoy it rather than the fact that i do enjoy it...

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