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Posted by Joanna on May 26, 2002:
In Reply to: Re: what is HPV posted by Med Student on April 9, 2002:
My boyfriend has HPV. We have not had sex, and I have not given him oral sex. He has given me oral sex, and I have touched his gentials. His warts were removd this past november, and all his recent check ups have shown that a reoccurance of an outbreak is most likely not to occur again. I'm still very worried, and I know I should be checked out, but should I be alarmed?

>>   It stanads for Human Papiloma Virus...

>>  It's gential warts, not really a big deal...

>>  It's a good reason to limit sex partners though, because 30% plus of the population are thought to have it.

>>  Better yet wait till yer married ;)

>>  95% of cases are no big deal, just cause ocassional warts.

>>  5% of cases do not cause warts, and can cause abnormal pap smears in women.

>>  Unlike Herpes, HPV can sometimes, (rarely), be completely elliminated by your immune system, or disapear after mild topical treatment. Regular exercise can also help eliminate it or it's symptoms.

>>  Many, many, companies are racing towards the cure now, so don't be suprised if it is extinct by 2030.

>>  Like AIDS, the only way to avoid it completely is through abstinence, unlike AIDS however, this includes genital touching of any kind..

>>  HPV is not know to be passed by saliva. Only direct contact with a symptomatic skin area can cause infection.

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