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Posted by Joe on May 28, 2002:
In Reply to: Dreams and Arousal posted by maddmaxx on May 28, 2002:
Yes.....they do happen to me.....before the worry started i never got these nightmares, but this is a fact that maybe you didnt know, in my research of the exact topic, Healthy men get erect every time they dream in REM sleep. Before you probally did not even pay attention to that, cause it felt so normal. but now with the thought of HOCD in your brain 24/7 i mean, dont you dream about things. for me as a child and growing up i was always scared of tornadoes, so i would have a dream occasionally, nightmare i should say, about a tornado in the town over, the tornado never made its way to our town, but i could always see it off in the distance, and that scared the crap out of me.
SO, if you think about it.....if your worried about being gay, wouldnt you have nightmares about it? I mean for me personally, ive never dreamt about being with a man. One dream is actually me walking around with my buddies, seeing two of my friends with school sitting there like arms around each other, i remember asking everyone....'are they gay'. lately however the dreams have been more of just an image of a man, never me with the man, never having sex with a man or anyhting, but just like a guy walking around, I woke up feeling a quick erection but it went away as soon as i woke up. One other dream which gets to me. One time I was in a big white room, and there was a line of guys standing there, and actually they asked me for sex i remember, and i was i think starting to wake up for the time cause i awoke in absolute fear, and i remember thinking in my head telling the guy, hey man, i cant do not gay. and the fear almost went away easily. these dreams still bother me, and i never once had them. about a month ago was the last time i dreamt about a girl. it was some girl in one of my classes, it was still in this HOCD stint, I was with her and we were doing something so simple like going to the ATM i think, and we were like running around playing and i was carrying her on my back, and i remember waking up happy, not terrified, like i do when these HOCD nightmares come up. well i hope that helped, remember, everyone gets erections during dreams, regardless of its content. thats a fact from some website i forget which.

>>  did you ever experienced dreams and arousal at inapropriate time with inapropriate content during OCD ?

>>  By these times it happens every nights...arousal with inaproriate dreams...or nightmare I should say...

>>  HOCD suffers you know this trouble ?

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