We are not gay!

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Posted by Jay on May 28, 2002:
To all sufferers of HOCD on this board:

I don't mean to sound harsh to the people on this board with HOCD, and maybe I'm doing a little bit of reassuring here, but I have to say this: WE ARE NOT GAY! Nobody on this board with HOCD is gay! Do you want to know one indicator that you are not gay? Maybe this doesn't apply to everyone, but I bet it applies to most. Do you now have or have you ever had OCD symptoms in your life on other issues? If so, then it's OCD! If not, then you are lucky, because guess what? It's still only OCD and be thankful you don't worry about anything else!

I went through hell for years with HOCD because some other guy's publicly coming out at school put me in an anxious fit. But now, while I still have residual HOCD at times, I am fully convinced of my being straight. I'm a guy who just went around the world to tell a woman how I feel about her, the woman whom I've felt the most true love for in all my life. I MUST be straight to have done something as dedicated as that, and if you have HOCD like I did, you are too! It is such a sad thing truly to see so many days wasted through so much worry in so many lives over a problem (homosexuality) that in our cases does not exist.

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