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Obession with girls and social anxiety disorder and anxiety disorder

I have obessions with girls. If I am out in public and I see a attractive girl I pretty much stalk her. If I get to no a girl and start liking her or get a crush on her I start to come on way to strong. Calling her way 2 much pretty much just obsessed with her also I get obessed when I see a hot girl when watching tv or a video or movie and everywhere I go out in public or watching something I am looking for attractive girl and if I see on in public and dont no her I will stalk her and I will become obsessed with her. I am humping 24/7 when I am by myslef. I am 20 years old and I have been doing this since i was 5 years old. I also have repeating behavior problems also when I get into trouble. Most of the time is my obession with girls. I will get the police called on me and when the police gets there they tell me I have been following a girl way to much and I need to leave her alone and I do and I move on. I am not manic or anything I am nice to everyone but I just have an obession with girls. If I don't think she is attractive or don't have a crush on her I can be her best friend. I also can't focus because all I am thinking about is girls. I guess you can also say I have delusional thinking. I am also parainod that people or out to get also. I guess it is cause of they way I act. I was woundering what is the best antischycotic medication. I have saw the other to post one here that are basically having the same problems as I am and I saw that risperdal help them but they got major side effects from it. I don't any antischycotic medication but I also saw where zyprexa, seroquel, and haldol where talked about. So can someone reply to help me with my issues. I also did the self test's on social anxiety and anxiety, depression, and ocd and the social anxiety test told me I had social anxiety disorder and the anxiety test told me I had anxiety disorder and the depression test told me I had no depression and the ocd test said also I had no ocd. I was pretty sure I had social anxiety and anxiety thats why I did the test. I also have alot of panic attacks but there was no self test on that. I was also was woundering what medication would best help with my social anxiety disorder and anxiety disorder and panic attacks that I can take long term. I am going to see my frist psycharitist on the 23rd of this month. I wrote this cause I feel like I am going crazy and I feel like I need someone to help me with this problem and find out what would be the best medication for me to take and also I am going to start going to therapy also. So someone please reply to my question.

Carlos, I find it interesting


I find it interesting that your post is almost identical to "gregjohnson" (posted just before yours) and "mickeyrivers_25" - In fact all three of you write in the same manner, using many of the same words, describing almost identical symptoms (and an unusal combination of symptoms at that). Also, two of you used this exact same sentence:

"I get obessed when I see a hot girl when watching tv or a video or movie". A little too coincidental, don't you think?

Anyway, I cannot recommend a "best" medication, because you mention a variety of symptoms. Also, I don't know you nor have I evaluated you personally. Medication is not an exact science, so it may take some trial and error to find out what works best for you with the most tolerable side effects.

Therapy is going to be the most important part of your treatment, especially for the anxiety.

Work with your doctor and therapist to get better. Your doctor will be able to determine the best medication for you to start with. Everyone is different and there is rarely one "best" medication for any disorder - and certainly not for someone with such an unusual and vast array of symptoms (most of which should be treated with therapy).

Dr. Lane


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