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Im 17 and i desperately need to talk to somebody about this mental problem, please please someone help me with advice, pleasse contact me [email protected]

I really need some help. I'm

I really need some help. I'm 17 and i think about this more and more each day and everytime i do the less normal i feel about it.
I never feel connected to my body, i participate in life, obviously, i go to school but im always like thinking outside of my body. Im always thinking about bigger pictures, never really connected to my emotions or the people around me, but i do a good job at not letting it show. This leads to me being very forgetful because im not always connected to what im doing, sort of like an auto pilot. Im always thinking about bigger pictures, why am i here, what should i do in my life, and make observations about inanimate objects all the time that i feel everyone else ignores. i dont know if im explaining this correctly, but i dont really feel human.

Hi Blinkanything281, I'm

Hi Blinkanything281,

I'm not quite sure what you are experiencing, although there are a few possibilities. Unfortunately, I really don't have a good answer for you, as I would need much more information.

Would it be possible for you to talk to a counselor or therapist? Have you let your parents know that you are struggling with unusual thoughts and feelings? Perhaps they would be willing to schedule an appointment with a therapist (for an evaluation) for you if they know how distressed you are. If not, then I suggest you talk to a school counselor or a pastor (if you feel comfortable with that).

Hopefully, they can help you get the help that you need to better understand what is causing you to feel disconnected, forgetful, and as if you are not human.

Dr. Lane

I think I know what you mean.

I think I know what you mean. I have done the same thing! :O I guess it is just something that some people experience, or the way they are??? lol

thanks guys, im not sure how

thanks guys, im not sure how to explain it in words to a counselor thoughh =\.

and thanks kitkat atleast i know im not the only one

Explain it to your counselor

Explain it to your counselor just like you did here. A skilled counselor will take it from there and ask you the appropriate questions to better understand what it is you are experiencing. I am confident you will do fine once you start talking to the counselor!

Dr. Lane

thank you Dr. Lane, i

thank you Dr. Lane, i explained to him, and i hope he understands it how i do now. hes helping me through it

it might be depersonalization

it might be depersonalization caused by anxiety?

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