Do I have ADHD?

I don't know how to describe how I feel most of the time, but I will try. Imagine you are thinking two thoughts at the same time. For me, it feels like I can never really focus on anything but I just get caught up in whatever is around me. Besides being easily, and more often that not happily, distracted, I have found it difficult to thing about any one topic for a long amount of time. It's almost like whatever I need to do such as school or work or whatever always is in the background and random things just interject as they please into my head. Conversations are almost difficult because, 1. I hate actually waiting to speak, and 2. My focus just drifts when a person speaks too long. I feel scatterbrained and until recently I just kind of dealt with it by being able to get away with using half my focus to do my work. Unfortunately, I feel too old to keep having this problem haunt me. I am so deathly afraid of failure that if I know I didn't do well on a test, I will avoid fixing it, even if for extra points, just because I don't want to face my failure. I feel depressed, and I think my lack of focus is the cause of it. I try to bring myself up whenever I think about myself but it's getting harder because I feel like I am losing the ability to manage my life. I don't know how much I can put on here so please ask me any and all questions you have concerning my mental state. I appreciate the help.

Hi Richrine, First, my

Hi Richrine,

First, my apologies for not responding to your question sooner!

As for whether or not you have ADHD; you might (although based on what you describe it sounds more like you have the "predominately inattentive" type; i.e. without the hyperactive aspect). But, I really don't have enough information. Other things, like depression, can also impact your ability to focus and concentrate.

You didn't say how old you are, but regardless of your age, I encourage you, if possible, to set up an appointment with a psychologist or other mental health professional for an evaluation. Since this is clearly causing you distress and interfering with your ability to perform as well as you'd like, it's definitely worth your while to be evaluated. Only then can an action plan / treatment plan be devised that will help you find ways to feel more in control of your life.

Regardless of the diagnosis (or diagnoses) that are determined from an evaluation, I encourage you to not rely on medication (whether for ADHD, depression, anxiety, or whatever may be causing your symptoms) as the sole form of treatment. It may be helpful (although I am not at all suggesting that you even need medication), but for long-term benefits I always recommend therapy first (preferably with someone who specializes in treating your particular disorder - whatever that may be, or at least someone who is very experienced in treating it, even if they don't specifically specialize in it).

I hope this helps and I hope your are able to get an evaluation soon!

Dr. Lane

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