Help please immediately

someone has my pictures and he/she is going to edit those pictures and is going to spread that picture !
and I don't know what to do . Please help me as soon as anyone reads my question .

Ayesha, I'm sorry that


I'm sorry that happened to you. However, this question & answer section (and website) is for people with questions regarding mental health issues. I suggest you talk to your parents (if you are a minor) and / or consult with an attorney.

Dr. Lane

Dr. Lane , it is a mental

Dr. Lane , it is a mental health issue ! I can't pay attention to anything , I can't sleep , I feel angry , I want to cry but I just can't ! And I can't tell this problem to my parents . Please just tell me something , I need Help !

Ayesha, I appreciate the


I appreciate the additional information. Your initial post sounded like you wanted help stopping someone from spreading the edited photos. I am concerned that you feel you can't tell your parents - you need their support right now more than ever. And your parents may be able to talk to the other person's parents and let them know about the situation. That may not stop it, but it's often worth a try.

Right now you sound very anxious. My guess is that you are fretting constantly over the "worst-case scenarios" of what might happen should those photos get spread around. Anxiety often stems from telling ourselves "scary stories" of things that might not even happen, or, if they do, it's not as bad as we anticipated and life goes on.

Obviously I don't know any details about the situation. My guess is you are terrified of the humiliation you will feel, or the potential damage to your reputation, should the photos get out there.

Unfortunately, there are some things in life we can't control, and in your case (if you don't involve an adult who may be able to intervene, or threaten legal action (if warranted; I don't know as I am not an attorney), this may be one of those situations.

I encourage you to consider the worst that might happen, and then ask yourself if anybody will even remember or care 1, 2, or 5 years from now. (I can almost guarantee you they won't, even though you likely won't believe that). I also encourage you to tell yourself that no matter what happens, you'll handle it and things will work out. Find support in your friends - they know you, and will know that the photos were edited.

I also strongly encourage you to find someone (preferably a school counselor, or an adult relative, a pastor, etc.) to talk to about this who can help you put it in perspective and support you through it. Don't go through this alone, okay?? You need support and it's okay to reach out.

I wish I had better advice to offer, but trust that this will pass and life will go on, no matter how awful it feels right now. If you continue to have problems with sleep and lack of focus, then you need to consider professional help, which will require you talking to your parents. Hopefully they will want to support you and get you the help you need.

Dr. Lane

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