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social phobia, ADD, depression

i am 18, female.. i noticed that i had social phobia when i was 14, i would miss so much school, and would tremor, shake, blush when called on in class or when giving a presentation.. when going out to clubs nowadays i would have to drink before going because i wouldnt want to be nervous when i got there, i would feel my face muscles tensing up all of the time. i also have ADD and severe depression.. i avoid doing things by myself such as walking around because i start to panic when someone passes me on the street because i feel like i may look nervous.. i try to hide how nervous to everyone around me, so when i blush i get even more nervous because they can tell i am nervous.. i have tried lots of depression medications around 10... ive tried the ssri's and they werent effective for me, and i also tried clomipramine, in the other group... i then got put on nardile recently... it did not help with my depression i dont think.. i couldnt really tell.. and my social anxiety did not improve... i have tried three types of social anxiety medictions, and am now taking xanax... it dosnt work for me unless i take 2 or 3, 0.5mgs but thats because i get very tired and then i when i look in the mirror my eyes are half closed which i do not want people to see. nothing has really worked for me and im nervous that im different then other people who can be treated for these things while i cannot.. i have left university because i hated walking to class because of all of the people who i thought were looking at me... and i hated being in small classes where i would have to speak... i tried adderal and i made me very happy in the begging but then at the end of the day i would be depressed... its weird that my ADD medication was the first thing that actually noticeably helped my depression... please help me figure out what im dealing with.. im so nervous to try to find a job now because of my severe social phobia so now i feel even worse because my friends are moving forward while i feel left behind, i feel like im going nowhere, i just want to get on with my life like normal people do.... i want to be able to live my life without the worries i have and without caring what other people are thinking about me... please help im not sure a specific question i just don't know what to do, is this normal? my doctor said that depression and anxiety usually coexist with ADD... thank you!

i have tried these medications lexapro, zoloft, effexor, wellbutrin, ritalin, concerta, adderal, surmontil,nardil, clonazepam,lorazepam,xanax, clomipramine

Hi Madisonburns324, I'm not

Hi Madisonburns324,

I'm not sure what type of doctor has been treating you all these years, or prescribing all these medications, but at any point as he or she suggested psychotherapy? A skilled therapist can help you learn to manage these symptoms and make changes in your thought patterns. If possible, it would be best to work with someone who specializes in treating anxiety disorders.

You didn't really talk about your ADD, so I don't know what symptoms you have in that area. However, based on what you describe, it sounds like your main issue is social phobia, with depression as a subsequent problem because you are so miserable.

Xanax does not sound like an appropriate medication for you. It is not ever meant to be used on a long term basis, and if you take more than prescribed you are setting yourself up to become dependent on it. It is dangerously addictive.

As for why your ADD medication made you feel happier. Ritalin, Concerta, and Adderal are all stimulant medications. The stimulating effect may have boosted your mood temporarily by giving you more energy. However, usually, with people who have ADD, these medications are not stimulating - but they are for those who do not have ADD.

I suggest you start seeing a new doctor. Nothing that you have tried so far has worked. And, I strongly recommend that you find a very experienced therapist to work with (such as a psychologist) to help you learn ways to relax, change your thought patterns (that feed your anxiety), and learn to manage and reduce these troubling symptoms. Medication alone will never do that and should not be the primary treatment for anxiety or depression.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best!

Dr. Lane

thank you so much!!

thank you so much!!


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