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I sincerely hate my life.. I'm Fat.. Or I look fat :S I'm 14 years old my weight is 64 :( I hate my life .. I live with my dad alone I used to think my body is on and my weight is perfect but then I travelled to my mom and sister and they all told me I'm so fat and started telling me you look ugly and some of my sisters told me when I look at you I keep laughing they hurt me with the comment they tell but I hold on too tight and I never cry but once they are asleep I fall apart and sometimes I think I should suicide but I never dared! Friends :S class mates and all the people kept telling me you look fat some times I think I should keep hurting my self when I see food and some times I force my self puking but I'm still over weighted.. I feel happy when I eat but I feel sad after then.. When I go to my friends birthdays and we take photo's I stare at the way I look and the way they look and I feel disgusted! All I want is a name of a medicine that could make me lose my apetite and don't tell me stop eating fat food and eat fruits and vege. Cuz I don't know how to control my self ! Please help me and tell me a name of a good medicine that makes a person lose him apetite and never feel hungry .. Thank you for reading reply Asap!

Hi Nadine, I am so sorry that

Hi Nadine,

I am so sorry that your mom and sister have said such cruel things to you. I understand why you are so deeply hurt by their remarks. Have you told them how hurtful their remarks are to you? Perhaps they are teasing and don't realize how much it hurts you (and I realize, they shouldn't be that clueless but some people are unfortunately).

Suicidal thoughts are very serious, and if you are having those it's really important that you talk to someone - an adult that can help you. I'm not sure where you live but there may be a crisis line you can call when you start thinking along those lines.

Does your dad know that any of this is happening to you, or how sad you feel?

As for a medicine to make you lose your appetite - there are some medicines with that side effect but I highly doubt any doctor would prescribe something like that to help you lose weight. It will NOT solve the problem, and it could be very dangerous.

I know this is not what you want to hear but the problem is not your eating - it's the emotions that are driving your eating. If you were to take a medicine to suppress your appetite, and lost weight, I guarantee you'd gain it all right back as soon as you stopped the medicine.

You need help - therapy is my best recommendation if it is available to you. I encourage you to talk to your father and let him know that you are really struggling and have suicidal thoughts. Ask him to take you to see a therapist. If he won't, perhaps there is someone at a local church (many have counselors on staff) you could talk to.

But again, a medicine for your appetite won't solve anything and could be very dangerous.

I hope you are able to talk to your father or perhaps a relative or someone who can help you get the help that you need. Your life is valuable and if you are making plans to end it, you need to talk to someone as soon as possible!

Dr. Lane

Thank you Dr. Lane for the

Thank you Dr. Lane for the time you spent reading my post and replying back ..
I'd like you to know that I live in saudi-Arabia (jeddah) but I am lebanese .. Our culture here is somehow strick. That we can't get much freedom..
My dad thinks its not right to go to a hospital and see a therapist to talk too while he is available .. But I feel shy telling him everything.. Though he know I get hurt from my family and friends remarks about the way I look or my overweight body .. But he keep telling me we can't force them to stop commenting on how you look.. And if u want somthing to change
You have to start losing weight or control the way you eat. And he taught me stuff to do as in walk everyday 1 or 2 hours atleast and starting 7 pm don't eat fatty foods .. I Made what he taught me but when summer began I and I travelled I became to busy that I didn't do these steps so I gained weight again.. And by the new school year I've done it again but only for 1 or 2 month but then I couldn't get use to it as my day became divided to studying sleeping and doing home arrangement.
Now that I've I told you I can't see a therapist every once in a while I became hopeless and I didn't know what to do .. Some advertisment in the tv shows about creams and medicines that would help you lose weight was the first hope.. So I told my dad maybe he'd get me any of these .. But my dad told me all of these are 50% fake and that they'd do you nothing but a loss of time and money..
I don't have any other ideas. I'm hopless.



I also wanted to ask about a

I also wanted to ask about a medicine some of friends are using .. Its name is Orlistat (Xenical) what are the effects of it?
And why will scientists or doctors create such medicines if it is not suitable for over weighted people ? And why could it be harmful ? Sometimes it makes no sense.



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