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BrokeBack Mountain review to all HOCD sufferers

If any of you are suffering from HOCD like me, I would suggest that once you find the courage, watch brokeback mountain, here is my two cents on the movie, first of all, I think it takes a real homo to find the beauty of the movie(I hope Im not spiking nobody, srry, because if you did find the movie moving, Im not saying you are a homo, because Im sure lots of straight guys found this movie to be sad, because it almost won an academy award), I for one couldnt figure out why two cow-boys would find each other attractive in anyway, like some of the scenes in the movie are pretty creepy too, (there was a scene where they jumped off the cliff naked together, uhhh, so nasty, the guy's penis showed, ....shudder....) also, I couldnt get my mind around the fact that they were romantically in love, I dont know why, but they just look like they are friends and nothing else. Maybe its because Ive grown up seeing other males as nothing more than friends. Anyways, once you sit through the movie, you feel better, there is nothing to be feared, watch the trailer first, to get a taste, then search it up on youtube and watch the whole thing, personally I skipped some of the sex scenes, cause that is just plain nasty. I didnt want to see it and get an anxiety attack. Umm, I dont what else to say, I assure you, you will get a spike sometimes while watching, but the movie is sometimes so boring and sometimes just awkwardly funny for some reason. Not the best movie I have seen, but hell its not like I'm watching it cause I like seeing two grown men kissing, its because its part of self-exposure therapy, for that reason I give it 4/5 stars, because it helped me conquer some of my fears, I give it 4 not 5 stars, because it spiked me sometimes, so that was not fun. But what the hell, they do say, "only the bravest of the brave last through exposure therapy".Out.


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