HOCD do's and donts

1.DO NOT go searching online for coming out stories, (I know this could be hard), it will make your an axiety worse
2.DO NOT watch homo porn (dont do it, just dont, break that compulsion)
3.DO NOT GO ON YAHOO ANSWERS, those people dont know sh*t about HOCD, and they will tell you that you are coming out of the closet
4.DO NOT try to seek reassurement (wow, this is probably the hardest one to do, I still need reassurement, but I know it makes my HOCD worse!)

1.Do Yoga,this sounds silly, but Yoga is the only way I can calm down to avoid an impending panic attack. Search youtube, lots of resources like expertvillage will help you get started. Trust me, this helps so much, remember to fight HOCD, you need to relieve your anxiety first.
2.Think about positive memories and dreams, (I know this is hard, because OCD tries to make you believe that those dreams and memories are false and fills you with a hollow feeling) I personally think about my crush, Taylor swift, I have had a crush on her for about a year now, she is so beautiful, sexy, talented and has a wonderful pure personality, and I just imagine how good of a life we both could have together. (yes I know this is hard)
3.Think rationally (once again pretty hard to do, when you got anxiety on your chest)
4.find a therapist who deals with OCD (yes,I know everybody says this, if you have the money and time, go for it, I am personally in contact with two therapist right now, we are negotiating a price)
5.Maybe, even try some of your own exposure therapy, depending on your comfort level, go online or facebook and look at pics of attractive people of the same-sex, I get panic attacks at first and have to check, but once you go through like 20 pages of pics, your mind gets bored, and you forget to even check. Also, you can watch some movies like BrokeBack Mountain (read my previous review on the movie)
6.If your libido (sex drive) is gone, dont freak out, this is natural, your libido goes away if you are suffering from anxiety, it will come back.
7.The eventual goal of exposure is to stop you from checking, I know and Ive tried, you cant just stop checking cold-turkey, it doesnt work like that. Its like an addiction, you cant quit smoking cold turkey either.
8.Stay positive, there will always be phases where you feel you are at the end of the road, and might even develop suicidal thoughts like me. Stay Strong, remember even if your worse fears come true (probably wont, you have ocd, I know I spiked you =) ), there will always be an option, for me I would become a monk or lock my self up in a mental hospital
9.If you get intrusive thoughts, shrug them off like they are nothing important, you know, a, I dont give a **** attitude works best for HOCD sufferers.(takes courage though)
10.finally, if you have to do compulsions such as making sure you dont give off signals that you are a homo by the way you write, talk, walk or even sit in a chair, you just have to say to yourself, you know what this is stupid, I aint gonna turn into a homo, becasue I sat a certain way
11.Finally, I feel sympathetic for everybody who has to go through this horrible illness, it is sad, we are all in the same boat, I know it feels so real sometimes (the HOCD thoughts are rather clever and manipulating), and you break down, it will happen, I guarreentee it will. Out.


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