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.i have done self test on ocd.axiety,depesion ect... my results say high. should i go tell my consultant about these. i am being treated for crinic nuro pathic pain .but not said how low im feeling? my current meds are 40 mg valium 300mg tramadol ect&mor

You should seek help if these

You should seek help if these symptoms of anxiety and depression cause you distress or greatly interfere with your life and relationships. Anxiety and depression are quite treatable so there is every reason to believe that you can feel better.

It is common for people to have low levels of depression and anxiety that are non clinical, as many of us are predisposed to this. At these lower levels it still doesn't hurt to learn exercises and coping techniques as
even non debilitating anxiety and depression are two things that are not fun or necessary. You may not even realize how much something like anxiety or depression becomes ingrained in your everyday life (although if it is severe, you would be quite distressed and know, and it
would certainly interfere greatly with your interpersonal relationships).

Bottom line is -- if you are distressed -- it never hurts to seek a professional opinion regardless of the severity. Online tests can be a good guide to show you there is a problem, but you should seek a real diagnosis from a mental health professional, if possible.

Best of luck,
Dr. Williams

Monnica T. Williams, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist specializing in OCD

my medications also inc 450

my medications also inc 450 mg of lyrica,60 mg of oxicontin,75mg of amitriptyline,and 60 mg of oramorph...my cleaning of my self things i touch door handles ect is becoming worse,,,my self worth esteem is very low ..and thoughts of ways of just ending my useless life are becoming more often...wat do you think i should do?thanks clive

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