I have the urge to yell out in public places, Is this another condition related to OCD ?

This has been an issue for

This has been an issue for quite some time now. I would say post 2005 before I was previously diagnosed with OCD. The sounds and outbursts ("episodes" - as called by a close friend of mine, who also suffers from OCD) were subtle in nature from the beginning ; have now progressed to being interferences, with my friends and in public places. My friends have been reasonably tolerable as of late, but it has gradually become more intense. At least the urge to do them. I try very hard not to when around the opposite sex, but sometimes I cannot help myself.

I can't explain the urge, but when I try to suppress it, it only gets worse in time (like a pop bottle effect) Once I yell out loud something random - in public, I feel much better and the sensation goes away. I also make the whale blowing air sound effect like Dr. Samuel Johnson did. I do like to grab my hands sometimes in excitement over a situation when in a public audience and circle my hands in a 360 motion like a spinning wheel of a wagon. These symptoms are amplified in a public audience - while the sounds and yelling still occurs while I'm alone.

please help ?

It surly sounds like an

It surly sounds like an obsessive compulsive disorder if it forces you to do things in an impulsive manner when you dont really want to do it.
I had a similar urge many years ago (among my many other crazy compulsions and urges) but fortunately I didnt do it in public coz I have a very strong counter-urge to try to go unnoticed when among people. I get anxious when people look at me or want to get to know me.... so I did something else instead when at home.... I open my mouth wide and pretend to shout but only with a whisper sound but having all muscles engaged and strained as if for a very loud scream... I also would hold my fists together and slam them onto the wall with full rage until the urge subsides or scream in a pillow while beating up some object.... and somehow with time it decreased so much that today I only get it rarely.... uh! at least one thing is disappearing off my list of disorders!
So for you... just try to substitute this and any other urge you have with something else almost equally satisfying but less embarrassing if you can.....

thanks for the feedback, at

thanks for the feedback, at least I'm not alone, and i hope you can continue finding permanent strategies in dealing with this issue. I more so have this problem when I'm in public and not alone. Perhaps because I know If started doing this @ home i would get rocked and probably kicked out the apartment ! Not saying I havn't done it b4 the odd time I bursted out loud (usually at something funny) but very very rarely.

I know the mental discipline takes time to develop but I find very supportive friends works too.

thanks and good luck friend.


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