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Brain Physics » OCD » im confused im not sure if im turning gay or i have hocd.?

im confused im not sure if im turning gay or i have hocd.?

Submitted by bigdave on Wed 02/24/2010 - 05:37

from day 1 ive always liked girls an had expected it to be that way always.ive been with many girls an had sex with most of them, an have been in love with two of them.i can never say ive ever fancied men cause ive always thought i was then one time last year i was out on a stag do an had been drinking heavily all day.i was standin next to a guy my own age an i think i tryed to kiss ever since that day i have been scared that i was turning gay.i have had sex with two girls after this encounter.girls turn me on an men really dont i cant ever imagine doin anything with another man an wouldnt ever be with one cause it just wouldnt feel right.but i still keep having thoughts an images come in my head about men.that i imediatley try to get out i hate this feelin it feels like i dnt even no myself anymore.i want to be with a girl an be happy but i cant till i get rid of these thoughts.

ok big dave. whats up. look i suffered with the same thing and i can help u just like i can help many people. i know it seems like its never going away...doesnt it? ok in order to beat this your going to have to pay attention and do what i say. got it. i hope so. cause this is the only way to stop it...i promise. if u are willing to listen and follow instrutions. i can give u help...but first i need u to respond to my reply. thank u for ur time.

Sexual orientation fears can be very upsetting and confusing. OCD has many different forms and faces, and sometimes instead of washing or checking the stove, it takes the form of sexual orientation concerns. Sexual orientation concerns include the obsessive fear of being or becoming homosexual, the experience of intrusive, unwanted mental images of homosexual behavior, and/or the obsessive fear that others may believe one is homosexual. A person may have only one of these concerns or a combination. It sounds like you may have these worries, which is much different from actually being gay. The next step is to see someone who specializes in the treatment of OCD and ask about getting treatment using exposure and response prevention. Also visit to talk with other people who have been going through the same thing as you.

Best regards,

Monnica T. Williams, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
No Cost OCD Treatment:

hi doctor williams,
to hear the psychological defintion or explanation of big dave's concerns is slitely humorous. i know that u want to help and it is in ur best interest that big dave gets help and can live a life or the life that he feels he used to have. you know the life with no worries or no irrational worries. i believe the best source for dave is someone who has takin the ride and has come thru with cuts but no broken bones. though i respect ur expertise in the matter seeing as that u went through so many years of education to acheive such a title as doctor in the field of psychology. i feel that u would worsen the problem.

While I came to the site looking for something completely different, I just couldn't resist making a small observation...

"exhocd" is clearly someone who overcame their OCD through illiteracy, so I don't know that it would be wise to put much stock into anything that he/she says, thinks, or believes.

Trust the resources and steps provided by Doctor of Psychology, not by the random 13-year old with an internet account.

Séan Ó Murchadha, RN, BSN, NREMT-P


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