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please help !!

hi my name is jordan williams and i am 19 yrs old . ive just seen your brain surgery for OCD and would like to come in for 1 . please this is very urgent my OCD gets worser by the day , i cant even look anyone in the eye or talk to them when in contact with any one , even family . i also have girls asking me out but i always find ways to avoid seeing them , i just wana normal life . theres more but it is hard to explain . i might have social anxiety aswell which i really strongly feel i have. please if this would help me please get back to me as soon as possible .

Thank you

Jordan Williams

email ([email protected])

Hi Jordan, It sounds like you

Hi Jordan,

It sounds like you are very distressed and desperate for help.

Keep in mind that psychosurgery for OCD should be considered ONLY after consistent failure to respond to appropriate treatment for OCD. You didn't state whether you have had treatment for your disorder. Most people do benefit from therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy is considered by many experts to be the most effective type of therapy for this disorder) for OCD. It does take time and work on your part - it's not a passive type of therapy.

Also, in many cases, medication along with therapy is part of the treatment process. Unless you have had extensive treatment with no improvement, it is unlikely any doctor would agree to performing brain surgery for your OCD.

I strongly recommend that you find a therapist who specializes in the treatment of OCD and who has a track record of successfully treating the disorder. If you cannot find a specialist in your area then you may try to find a therapist who practices CBT and who has years of experience treating anxiety disorders in general. Not all therapists have the skills and experience to treat this challenging disorder.

I understand that you are struggling with this disorder, but again, brain surgery is not the answer until other treatment options have been thoroughly exhausted. Also, tere is no one directly affiliated with this website that performs brain surgery.

I hope you are able to get the treatment you need, but in the vast majority of cases, surgery is not necessary.

Dr. Lane


hey thank for your answer , no i have not been taking any medications and i refuse to only because it wud make rely on it every time i am in stress , i also have done therapy for 6months and it has not worked out so this is my last resort . Please help me , if you know any one that could help me please do .

Jordan Williams


hey if help cost anything i would be happy to pay whatever , i just want to get over this stupid feeling .

Hi Jordan,With only 6 months

Hi Jordan,

With only 6 months of therapy and no history of trying medications, no doctor (who is ethical) is going to agree to surgery for your OCD.

Therapy may not have worked for you for several reasons. If it wasn't the right type of therapy for OCD, or if you had an inexperienced therapist, then it wouldn't have been beneficial.

Also, 6 months is really not very long at all. Even with the right therapy and a skilled therapist, it may take more than 6 months. It is different for every person, but could take a year or more depending on a variety of factors.

For treatment to be effective, you also need to do the necessary work. If you didn't do that, then that could also be a reason therapy didn't help you.

I don't recommend medication as the sole treatment for OCD, but it can be helpful in terms of reducing symptoms. If you are feeling so desparate that you want surgery, then at least try medication for awhile. Keep in mind that with medication, there is often some trial and error involved in terms of type of medication and dosage. Don't assume it won't help if the first one doesn't work for you.

I also suggest you find a new therapist - and as I said in my first post - someone who is very experienced in treating OCD. If possible, find someone who specializes in treating this disorder.

Brain surgery is not an appropriate option for you with such a limited treatment history. At this point in time you have not even begun to exhaust treatment options to determine if you truly have treatment-refractory (treatment resistant) OCD.

Dr. Lane

jordan i am so sorry for you

jordan i am so sorry for you right now, i can only imagine the strain this adds to your daily anxiety, with OCD its very common to be so obsessed with the prob at hand you neglect other life skills as well, i understand i have OCD ,ANXIETY, ADHD, AND TRICHOTILLOMANIA,you need to come to the conclusion with your subconcious and that is that if your body needs Sarotonin then its ok to take it, which could help with alot of your problem in general,if you were a diabetic than would you take insulin?? if your body doesnt produce the chemical you need to make you function properly then you have to suppliment....there is nothing wrong with that. i believe you should understand its not a dependancy its just what you need to make it "tick" just right so to speak lol..you need to be able to enjoy life you are at such a fun age its time to live, so take the meds to help you start living :-)

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