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Can I please get some advice on medications i am taking - escitolophram for anxiety/depression, and dexampetamine for ADHD. I have been going through a rollercoaster of emotions since Nov 2010, when there was some big changes going on in my life.

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I am 25 and, I was diagnosed with anxiety two years ago and am taking escitalopram 20mg each day, which really helped at first to stop negative thoughts and self doubt, but have found that since having stress with my last job of three months, and issues and changes in my relationship with my partner, I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions since November 2010 when these changes occured. At the start of this job I also was diagnosed with ADHD, as I have always had trouble focusing in every workplace since i was younger, non stop talking and butting in on peoples conversations, struggling to listen to people, just feeling that information wasnt getting into my head like it should, and feeling like I couldnt reach my full potential due to this. So i started on dexamphetamine tablets 5mg, 2 at 7am & 2 at 12.30 pm, which increased to 3 & 3. I felt that it was too much, and due to losing my job, as i was told the job seemed too much for me, panicked and reduced the dose down to 2 & 2 again. I noticed that the day didnt seem to go by so quick and wondered if the tablets made me like a zombie, where i thought i was focused, but maybe doing things too slow? I also felt my bubbly personality come back, as the tablets seemed to make me very reserved, and i felt i didnt connect with people easily like i have always done. I am really not sure what the right thing is for me? I have now started a new job, but have found myself a bit unconfident, and have noticed that i am losing concentration mid morning and late afternoon, but if i stay at work a bit later, after others are gone i dont feel distracted and can get my work done alot quicker. I want to make sure i can do my best with this job, and want some advice on how i can manage with these concentration problems, and self-doubt. The psychiatrist that prescribes me the dexamphetamine does not really give me advice on how being on both medications will affect me, so i am seeking further advice. I am also anemic and vitamin b deficient, so take iron & vit b tablets. I struggle with taking my medications at exact times too. I have also recently seen a psychologist who thinks that i have co-dependency issues with my partner, as I have been having abandoment problems with him, which has been a negative and guilty place for me, but i feel unable to control myself. I seem to be fine for a few days then it all goes bad again. I am on a good run at the moment and trying really hard to stay positive about giving my parter and myself space, and then doing things together without getting hysterical when he wants to go home etc.. All these things are just so much to deal with and I want to help myself while i am in a positive state, so that i can cope when im not feeling so good.

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