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I have compulsive skin picking. How do I treat the spots I've harmed on my skin?

Good question. I would like

Good question. I would like to know the answer. Maybe it requires a dermatologist?

ok this is what Ive done in

ok this is what Ive done in the past for my own self treatment because I am too embarrassed to go to my family MD, first off... cut your fingernails as short as you can and keep them that way, secondly, get an OTC bacitracin or antibiotic ointment and apply it 2 times a day (clean area first). Start taking prenatal vitamins because they are great with skin healing, hair and nails. Also using vitamin E oil aid in healing faster. When a good scab(s) form, apply the oil or ointment and cover to keep scab moist, this will let your skin heal from inside out and have less of a chance of scarring. I am a nurse, so this is hard for me to tell anyone, my picking comes with my stress and anxiety, and it affects my physical relationship with my husband because I am too embarrassed for him to see. So like right now, when I have an area that I have been "attacking" , I have absolutely no desire for intimacy, because of the risk of the embarrassment. Right now, the area affected is my right upper thigh on the side. It started by me feeling little tiny bumps or calcium deposits in the hair follicle and I hate feeling imperfections on my skin, so I chose to "scratch" them out, not really noticing what I was doing at the time until I could feel dampness on the tips of my fingers, which was blood. I've ruined so many pairs of shorts, pajama pants, ect because of blood stains. The areas I always pick at are where nobody can see of course, cause I'm always so worried about what people will think if they knew what I do to myself. Hope this helped, and thanks for " listening" this is the first time I've said the truth to anyone :)

Reading your post was like

Reading your post was like reading something I'd written myself. I've been suffering with skin-picking for over 10 years, ruined so many clothes, had many problems with intimacy, and spend a great deal of time hiding, feeling shameful, and wishing I could just stop. I actually did stop for a while and healed over, but I recently started again, and now my back and legs are a mess. It is just so upsetting, but I am afraid to talk to my husband about it, because he thinks I am doing well. I sought therapy in the past, and I've thought about going back and perhaps looking into medication, but my husband and I are about to start trying to get pregnant (we have a 17-month old little girl). I just want to stop for myself and my family. Has anything worked for you?


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