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What medication is similar to risperdal as far as obsessive sexual behavior and other obessive behavior problems and to help you focus and concentrate and parania and delusional thinking? I am asking cause I am having to go off the risperdal cause it caused me to have real bad abdomanial pain and I wont to take the best medication similar to risperdal cause the risperdal really helped me.

Hi Mickeyrivers_25, I hope

Hi Mickeyrivers_25,

I hope you are not just taking risperdal for your OCD. Antipsychotic medications should only be used as an adjunct medication to help boost the effects of your primary medication (usually an antidepressant).

I also hope you are (or will consider) getting psychotherapy as treatment for your OCD. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective types of medication for OCD. Medication treats only the symptoms, and those usually return once the medication is stopped. CBT can help people learn to manage their symptoms and significantly reduce them.

As for drugs similar to risperdal - the two that have also been used are Zyprexa and Seroquel, but research suggests that they are not as effective as Risperdal. Antipsychotic medications often have a lot of potential side effects, which should be seriously considered before considering taking them for OCD. I would strongly recommend CBT rather antipsychotics, but of course, it is up to you and your treatment provider.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best.

Dr. Lane

Sorry Dr.Lane if I made you

Sorry Dr.Lane if I made you think I have ocd but I dont have ocd or at least as I no when I say I have obsessive sexual behavior problems I mean I am obsessed with girls and if I am not on my medication I will stalk them and come obsessed with her like the girl on the roommate but I am not manic or anything I am nice to everyone I will just stalk and come obsessed with her rather it's someone I no or someone I meet in public or watching a movie or watching tv or watching a video online. The risperdal helped me with all of those problems but I had to go off of it cause it caused abdominal pain and yes I do understand that all medications have side effects cause my doctor told me they did. Is it possible that I could get a side effect from all the medications? Also when I said I have obessive behavior issues I meant that I have repeating behavior problems. Meaning bad influence people get me into trouble and I am the one that has to pay for it not them. Meaning daring me to do things and knowing that I am going to do it and I do and I get in trouble and they don't. If I am on my meds It helps me with those issues also. Also can't remember if I put in that I also have delusional thinking and paranoia and can't focus but if I do if I don't have my meds. I got another question for you which one works better or would you suggest zyprexa or haldol for the symptoms I am having? Hope to here back from you asap it would would mean alot to hear back from you before I go to the doctor monday. Thanks alot for your help mickeyrivers_25.

Mickey, I have to say that I


I have to say that I find it interesting that you first ask about medications regarding obsessive behaviors, delusional thinking and paranoia, and then turn around in another post and ask about medication for social anxiety disorder, severe anxiety, moderate depression, and moderate panic attacks.

Then, a short while after that, two new posters come along reporting almost identical symptoms (paranoia, delusional thinking, obsessions with girls, social anxiety, etc) - two of them using identical phrases and both sounding exactly like you.

So, I'm not sure what is going on here.

What you need is someone to sort out what is really going on. It would be unusual for someone to have all those diagnoses - not impossible, but definitely unlikely.

As for recommending a medication. There isn't one specific medication that is going to work best. Medication therapy often involves a lot of trial and error. But even if I had a recommendation (which I don't because it is not at all clear to me what is really going on with you), I don't think my opinion is going to influence your doctor - someone who knows you and your mental health history.

I do think you need psychotherapy. Medication is not the best treatment for many of the issues you describe. Anxiety disorder and obsessions are best treated with psychotherapy - usually cognitive behavior therapy. It will take time and commitment on your part, but medication only treats symptoms (and often with side effects) and doesn't help with the triggers and underlying issues.

As for "delusional thinking" (due to delusional disorder rather than schizophrenia), in my experience medication has limited effectiveness - and again, will likely involve trial and error to find what works the best and with the most tolerable side effects.

If you don't trust your doctor's recommendation for medication, then I suggest you get a second opinion (in the form of a face to face evaluation) from another psychiatrist.

I hope this helps and wish you the best.

Dr. Lane

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