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i m 21 years old male i think i have some serious mental problem.i have symptoms like for eg:i feel that i m (or my thougths are )different from my body,after coming out of bathroom sometimes i dont rememember where i had kept my spectacles before goin to bath,sometimes even thougt my is in my hands i look for it here n there for second and then i realise that it is in my hand,while sitting in bus i feel strange sensation in one of my less thing that it is not my leg for a while till i touch it to assure,i get nunbness like sensation in rigth side of my head covering my right part of face n my right eye,my long term memory is very good but i have problem of short term memory or forgetfullness.please tell me about my problem.sometimes when i look in mirror i doubt about my identity

Hi Raj, I really have no idea

Hi Raj,

I really have no idea what may be causing the types of symptoms you are describing. Memory problems are uncommon for someone of your age. You may have a psychiatric disorder, but you may also have a medical issue that is causing some of these symptoms.

My recommendation is that you set up an appointment with your medical doctor first and discuss these symptoms (particularly the numbness and short term memory problems). He or she may want to run some tests in order to rule out a possible medical condition.

As for the issues regarding your identity, and your thoughts being different from your body (I'm not quite sure what you meant by that), those may suggest something psychiatric in nature, so an evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychologist may also be warranted. But, I suggest you discuss those with your doctor as well - it's possible these are all interrelated, but impossible to say until you have a thorough examination.

I hope this helps and I hope you are able to see a doctor soon!

Dr. Lane

To:Dr lane respected sir/maam

To:Dr lane
respected sir/maam as u advised me to visit a doctor,i visited a neurologist who is MD DM(neurology).on my first visit to him ,i told him about my problem .he prescribed me medicines(betacap tablet 40mg,tryptomer 10mg,headset tablet if there is severe head pain and cobadex tablet of vitamin b12 bcomplex and vitamin c)and told me that u have migrane problem and told me to do ct i did my ct scan and my report was doctor told me to take above tablets for 2 months and he told me that u have migrane problem.

waiting for ur helpful reply

Hi Raj, I am glad you were

Hi Raj,

I am glad you were able to see a neurologist. You hadn't mentioned headaches, so you must have provided information to him that justified that diagnosis. That doesn't really address the issue regarding doubting your identity. I also don't know of any correlations between short term memory problems and migraines, but again, that is not my area of expertise.

The only other thing I can suggest, now that you've seen a neurologist, is to set up an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist for an evaluation regarding the other issues, if they continue to bother you. But that is up to you. I wish I could provide more, but I just don't have enough information.

Dr. Lane

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